Television Production

Our television production company specializes in producing television commercials and documentaries, as well as business videos and online branded content.

At Hot Lava Studios, we take pride in our professional, creative television production services. We specialize in the following services:


Visual Effects



Color Correction

We consider ourselves storytellers. Every brand has a story to tell to their audience. It is our responsibility to tell this story in the most creative, yet cost-effective way to make sure your audience is aware and fully engaged. From years of experience, we know how to navigate all of the logistics throughout the production and post-production process.

What is Video Production?

Put simply, Video Production is the filming of the video content. There are three major phases involved in video production: pre-production, production, and post-production. So much hard work goes into filming on a commercial shoot with a team of people. Once you're done prepping all of the equipment, hiring and prepping the actors, and securing and preparing a filming location, it's time to begin filming. The production process is the actual filming of the story or message you are trying to convey. The process often involves creating graphics, handling the video equipment, producing animations, adding a soundtrack, sound production, lighting, narration, and video footage. Fortunately, our years of industry experience means we know how to do all of this seemlessly.

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